About 7k

7 Kingdoms is based on a old game server called “7Skies Online” that was hosted by Icon and his crew. Years past and i came to miss the old game my self and with help of the old 7skies team members i started to create 7 kingdoms. We Host not out of the profit but the love of the game. So do not expect an item mall anytime soon. There is a lot of plans in play with our server and we will update you about the changes they happen.

Our Rates?

Well we dont use the normal method that Standard OS-rose and i-rose uses to say what our rates are. we are a moderate rated server.
No we are not planing to increase our rates any further than they are, I have played on this rate my self i find it fairly easy.

Hiring staff?

Yes but only developers that can prove they can do more than just STB editing.
Some on job training is provided

No staff gets Server access or can get hold of entire extracted client at any time.
Tools are sadly not provided.

Anything else well contact us on discord.