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7Kingdoms Online: (Current)

This client is a hybrid server of the I-rose official source and very heavily re-coded by the Tribal Gaming development team, Since then RQN team has modified and changed up the client and server to be a more stable but fun experience.

There is a range of new systems in this client that is not standard for an i-rose server.

Key binding:
Ever wanted to have your own hotkeys or wanted to change where the key bindings are on the keyboard? well now you can! this feature can be found in the System options menu under Game

Auto loot:
Who has time to pickup all that loot off the floor? then dont… Enable Auto loot to ALL or just selective items you wish your character to pick up and it will Teleport to your inventory….. as long its your loot.
This feature can be found in the System Options menu under Game

WASD movement (Self explained)

Level Loot boxes:
Every 10 levels you will earn a loot box full of interesting stuff that should help support your characters. Of course not everyone is a winner some loot is random.

No Damage Limiter:
Soo i-rose has a damage limit of 2047 back int he day… well here we have no limit…. push the power out and do some crazy damage skills!

Don`t like the amour? HIDE IT! or get something that looks way better. Note costumes do not give you extra stats.

World Wide PVP system:
Once you get out of the level 60 areas you`ll find that near all maps but towns you can enable pvp and fight any player anywhere!.
but beware of the Karma system. If you kill a player you will earn karma onto your character and only way to lose it is by death or killing alot of mobs… the large the level gap between you are your victim the larger amount of karma you will earn at once.

Karma System:
when you have killed a player your name will turn Red for all to see you have killed another player. it stays red as long you have karma.
If you kill your attacker you will not earn karma.
once you earned enough karma there becomes a chance if a someone else kills you. YOU will drop one random item out of your inventory apon your death.

Custom maps:
new places to explore. A lot of hard work was put into them maps so have a look.

A lot more features can be found though out the client so have an explore and enjoy what we have to offer!

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