About 7k

Irose: (Story Tree)

Long ago Aura created the 7 planets in her image with the help of her brother`s and sisters.
She granted the planets the ability of life from taping into the power from the sea of souls, However one her brothers Grew jealous of aura`s creative power.

He created a curse using a forbidden ruitural that made most of the Passive creatures of the lands become Hostile and bound the other gods from their abilities.
Aura tear dropped upon the land of Junon that created a new form of life.. The visitors, They had extraordinary abilities that have help push back the evil forces in hope that they finally find the sure to the Evil curse.

History of the client:

International R.0.s.e: (Trigger-soft & Gravity)

This is the original I-rose version of the game that we are based off. This is sadly no longer around and is greatly missed with a lot of the vereran players of rose online. The server was very basic but was overflowing with members in its prime. It will be greatly missed.


7Skies: (Tribal Gaming)

Created originally as a total remastered version of i-rose they created a lot of new things.
The client is now much more secure and faster than ever from the great efforts of the team. Unfortunately this server is no longer available to the public as they have closed their doors for good.



7Kingdoms Online Alpha: (RageQuitNetwork)

As a old developer with the 7Skies server i grew to miss on its potential and started to re-host the server in the hopes to bring it back to life. We had quite a rough start to the point where we required to shutdown the servers for quite some time to repair the necessary game breaking code that killed the servers Economics.


7Kingdoms Online: (Current)

This is the Current version of our server, We have a lot planned and more to do to get it where we would like to have the client at.
We have all the systems as our older sister server but a few less bugs. We plan to be around for a very long time yet as we slowly evolve to something new.
For more information Feel free to contact staff in our discord channels or look further though our website for more info.

Our Rates?

Well we dont use the normal method that Standard OS-rose and i-rose uses to say what our rates are. we are a moderate rated server.
No we are not planing to increase our rates any further than they are, I have played on this rate my self i find it fairly easy.


Now this is a tough topic and there is a few things needed to know before hand.
Staff Can not inter-fear with users data in any way….. this includes GM buffs. (Unless Necessary… cheater, hacks, etc)

When player base is a little more stable we will host up NPC based events with unique quests that you can go and play for prizes!
Tho keep a eye out on the announcements as some random events will be hosted in mean while.