V227 Up comming update

So this update will be done some time tonight 13-Apr-20
A few changes are been done to make the game a bit easier and random loot worth getting

  1. Appraisal statuses have been increased slightly to give much better status
  2. Shield items stats are been changed to give more benefits
    This includes magic shields and Dex Shields.
  3. You earn First Job scroll in level 10 loot create. This is instant job
  4. Masks stats are been improved
  5. Removing Summon capsules (Causes issues with game server)
  6. All Basic amour and weapons are sold by npc`s in junon city (lvl10-250)
  7. Buff fairy’s are in Birth, Zant, Junon cities they also now give 25% boost so buffs improve with your character status as well.

I will compelate all the changes after work tonight so please no complaints.