Networks Reboot!

Hey guys,

So it has been a while and i have been working alone offline for some time now.
i have moved a lot of my projects around and stopped a few.

7Kingdoms Online will be resuming again but not as a Triggersoft game from r.o.s.e online but a fully custom game.
Salvage is on pause still as i have not got the artists or funds to raise that game off the ground quite yet.

I have a few other project i am connected too. Feel free to check them out ill have links to everything soon.
Right now i am sorting out the websites and its contents so bare with me.

I will have a few update news and comments will be enabled, user registration will be applied
but all forums are re-directed to our discord channel.

If you are a learning developer feel free to send me a message and show me what work you can do or what you are learning.
however for rose developers STB,STL or any rose files will not help here as we dont use them files anymore.

Love to see you guys around
-Ice (RQN Owner)