[Patch Update: 192] Server Updates 29/8/17

  • Xita shops how sell Amours and weapons + Scrolls
  • Eucar Stores now sell Cannon`s
  • Fixes with a few icons that are miss matched.
  • Hover Bike add on (Test mode)
  • Added Buff Butterflies to Eucar
  • New AI to Buff Butterflies (Hopefully no more issues)
  • Updating Website with new Installer (Extra links coming soon)
  • Drop tables “Weapon and amour & Refine materials” are adjusted
  • Adjusting System for new job trees (Coming soon)

Updates are been submitted in smaller patches as the launcher hates large updates.
Seams the DC Glitch with few races / Genders is still an issue. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
For now avoid “Junon Male” and Eldeon Female” as they seams to cause the crash currently.
We will keep you informed with its progress on our discord channels.


Enjoy and happy gaming

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