[Update] Patch 185

  • Adjustments to “Shady Jungle” to stop crashing as you near warp gate
  • Drop Data modified to include Refine drops
  • Level up reward boxes are changed to be more fair
    • level 100 box gives a gem [4-5] pending on luck
    • level 200 box gives a Planetary gem [1]
  • New 2 handed sword stance for Male character`s Idle.
  • Vote for Scroll`s are now account locked (no trade)
  • [Event] Items are not trade-able any more as its award box earned
  • Birth Island is now moved to its own Realm to prevent use of Scroll out (Fairy exit only)
  • Buff Butterflies are moved in Junon city
  • Old Npc based item mall was removed (no longer necessary)
  • Updated [Tips] to suit website address changes.
  • Buff Butterflies AI is updated.

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